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Meet Tamara,
our Certified Sound Healing and Vibration Practitioner.

Cryo Body Revive now offers Sound Therapy with Tamara.

Tamara is the Owner of Luce Bianca and is now accepting group and private clients at our health spa. 

Tamara uses vibrations and frequencies to stimulate self-healing, induce deep relaxation, and promote pain relief. Her expertise and knowledge operates from the holistic perspective that every physical illness has an emotional root. Through her private and group sessions she guides you into Theta State, the deepest and most healing forms of relaxation, so that you can begin to heal at a cellular level.

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Vibrational Healing Therapy

This type of therapy is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and ease of use. Vibration therapy uses low-frequency vibrations to stimulate the body's energy channels, helping them become unblocked so that vital energy can flow freely. This can result in improved physical health, mental clarity, emotional wellbeing, and overall vitality. In addition to helping with healing, vibration therapy can also be used as a preventative measure against future illnesses or ailments.

Every private session is completely customizable and as an energy worker and intuitive, Tamara will create the perfect healing session just for you. Come see her and book an appointment today.

Group Healing Events

Tamara is excited to host monthly group events such as Healing Sound Baths, Manifestation Sound Immersions, Yoga Nidra Meditation classes, Moon Ceremonies and more!  Check out the upcoming events and make sure to register as spots are limited.

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Connect with Tamara

For more information about Tamara Luce Bianca visit her website, sign up to her email list, and follow her on social media. 

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