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CoolSculpting, CryoSkin, T-Shock, CryLean 360, vs Kaasen

All Cryo Fat Freezing solutions are designed to cause Fat Cell Death.  Yet the process changes greatly by device.  Below is a collection of data on 5 processes offered in the Tampa Bay Florida area.  The data is pulled from various websites.  We offer this as a starting point and recommend you do your own research.

Full disclosure, we offer a 3-step Fat Blasting process that includes the Kaasen because we believe it not only has the best results, it also is healthy for the body.

We encourage anyone with additional informational information to email us at

The information below is data found as of 3/31/2024.  

We have attempted to provide unbiased accurate information, yet do not warrant its accuracy

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Quick Facts

White Fat Cells are more sensitive to cold  than other cells.  They are designed to protect the body.

Increasing the mitochondria of the cells will improve Cryo fat freezing results, per TruCryo.

Supporting the lymphatic system before and after Cryo fat freezing will improve results because the lymphatic system removes the fat cells.  

Stubborn fat forms to protect the body.

Process Pictures

Kaasen blows a cold gas to quickly cool the area to the ideal temperature.

T-Shock uses a gel with 1 minute of hot then 22 minutes of cold

CryoLean 360 has preset programs based on goals

CryoSkin uses a gel

CoolSculpting uses a plastic applicator which suctions up the area and cools if for 30 plus minutes

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