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The Kaasen Difference
Most advanced device in Cryo Body Sculpting

KaasenLife by TruCryo offers instant fat reduction without the need for surgery. The cold gas quickly breaks down fat, improves cellulite and lifts and tones your skin using advanced CryoStimulation technology.

The process is safe and no damage is caused to the skin or other surrounding tissues. Only the subcutaneous fat cells (which are very sensitive to low temperatures) are destroyed in the treatment.

The treatment procedure takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, we recommend at least 6 sessions to achieve the best results.

Breakthrough technology has made instant loss possible in a single session… also the body will continue over the next 6-12 weeks to show the effects of the treatment as the fat cells crystallise and break down. The damaged fat cells release lipids into the lymphatic system where these are either converted by the liver into blood sugar (reducing cravings and overall appetite) or removed from the body through normal metabolism.

The destroyed fat cells do not regenerate, which helps to maintain the achieved results.

 The fat loss is permanent, some have lost up to two inches in the area that has been worked on. Some see a noticeable change after the first session, and as their body flushes toxins and broken-down fat cells, one may see further improvement over the following 72 hours, . Results vary based on health of lymphatic system and other bodily systems unique to the individual.

This treatment results can then be improved by followed treatment with a Lymphatic massage. This helps break down the fat cells so they can be disposed of naturally via the lymphatic system. Six sessions has proven to be the sweet spot, showing noticeable results on almost everyone.

Waiting seven days to treat the same area or a different area is recommended. Areas that can be treated include: Abdomen, Upper arms, Buttocks, Hips and Thighs.

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