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What is
Fat Freezing?

Is Fat Freezing Safe?

A Funny Story and Answer


The story goes, kid were outside playing, it was a very hot day, so their parents gave them popsicles. What kids does not love popsicles on a hot day, right?

At some point the parents realized the inside of their children's cheeks had changes. They must have been scientists or dermatologists or maybe even dentists because they were determined to figure out what happened, LOL. This led to the discovery that White Fat Cells are much more sensitive to cold than other cells in the body. The White Fat Cells will die and leave the body when cooled to a temperature that is healthy for the other cells. The temperature drops, the fat cells die, the lymphatic system removes the fat cells from the body. 


At Cryo Body ReVive we use the most advanced targeted cryotherapy device which allows us to drop the temperature of the White Fat Cells exactly in the area desired. We are blessed to be the only ones in the area with this highly customizable service.


We have never had even one client complain of a side effect   There are many businesses offering fat freezing with other devices. Their process, not the fat freezing, is causing trauma to the body.  One process includes suction. Reports of the process with suction in combination with the fat freezing appears to have a high rate of significant side effects, including pain, bruising, and nerve pain.  Our expertise is our device, which blows a cold gas on the skin. this process is quick, painless, and effective. Not one of our clients have had any of these side effects.  Our process not only causes fat cell death, it also is healing.    We are extremely proud of the results and work we do here at Cryo Body ReVive.

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