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Cryo Body ReVive

ReVive and Rejuvenate:

          Problem Area Gone

Jan 2021 the seeds of Cryo Body ReVive were planted.   Kristin, a long time Numbers and Tech Geek turned Real Estate agent, has a passion for helping people.  2021 she was also over 50, understanding all too well aches, pains and stubborn fat growing in all the wrong places (LOL).

When she first heard the amazing results of this Cryo device that she knew she could use endlessly on herself, she had to check it out.  Then she found, the service did not exist within an hour of her Palm Harbor home.  A dream was born.

The picture above is Kristin receiving her first demo of this service.

A year later, after a lot of hard work, a significant investment, and a true belief in the value to many of this advanced machine, the doors finally opened.

The goal is for everyone that walks through the front door to feel amazing while they are there and more amazing when they leave than when they arrive.

From Clients to Raving Fans :)

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