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CoolSculpting vs Kaasen Cryo Slimming

Hey Good day! What I find is that people who take care of themselves are happier people. People who look and feel great, people who spend time and money taking care of themselves seem to have a joy and kindness about them, but that is a Blog for another day.

I challenge you, as you go about your day, for the next couple of weeks notice the number of businesses around that specialize in helping people look and feel better, or least say they do. The number of Gyms, All-Natural foods, Yoga, Saunas, Beauty, Weight Loss, Saunas, Oxygen bars, Cryotherapy businesses and more is amazing, and it appears to keep going.

CoolSculpting has gotten a lot of press in the last 6 months, and it has not been good. CoolSculpting is by far a giant in advertising and selling their machines. 15 location pop up on Google maps in my area. Ideal Image has even partnered with them. Recently CoolSculpting has been on Good Morning America, Business Insider, Rolling Stone Magazine and so many more reporting on Linda Evangelista, the super mode, and the lawsuit she has against CoolSculpting, greatly publicizing her negative side effects.

Kristin, so what about the comparison of CoolSculpting services compared to the Kaasen Cryo Slimming services, isn't that what we are here for?

Yes got it, I am on it....

CoolSculpting Services vs Kaasen Cryo Slimming Services:

There are definitely some similarities. Both use the sensitivity of the white fat cells to cold to cause fat cell death. In both processes the lymphatic system is an important part of removing the dead fat cells from the body and achieving results. That is about where the commonalities end.

Based on YourTube reviews and information readily available on the internet, CoolSculpting attaches a hard plastic piece to the body, the skin is sucked up into the piece, and the flesh is slowly cooled. The client lays alone for 35-45 minutes in an uncomfortable position, the cold can be painful, and often there is often bruising. Results are good. There can be a fat shelf where the the edge of the attachment was. Many experience debilitating nerve pain the 48 hours after the process. To get multiple areas done at one time can be time consuming. I believe CoolScupting requires 2 weeks between session.

The Kaasen process, is different. An all natural cold Gas is sprayed on the area and cools in 30 seconds - 3 minutes. Many of the clients love how it feels. At all times during the process there is a trained specialist customizing the process for the individual needs, watching the skin, checking in with the client to ensure no discomfort, and ensuring the best results possible. Three areas can often be completed in under 15 minutes. Recommendations for Kaasen services is to wait 7 days between sessions. The gas comes out at high pressure, stimulating the skin and fat for improved results. No bruising or pain is ever to be expected, in fact, the Kaasen can actually promote healing of bruises. It is anti-inflammatory and the quick cooling triggers a healing affect by the body. Colligan is activated and an improvement can often be seen in about 2 weeks. Some have said the process feels like a cold air pressure wash on the skin, in a good way.

Both CoolSculpting and Kaasen services have seen inches lost in one session and both recommend multiple sessions for great results. Cryo Body Revive recommends 6 sessions. Ideal Image in Pinellas County Florida, who provides CoolSculpting services state they have a minimum purchase and their packages start at 4-5 cycles. I have been told that they charge each leg separately (I think that is a bit Crazy, is that for the one-legged people, LOL)

For Kaasen services, Breakthrough technology has made instant loss possible in a single session… also the body will continue over the next 6-12 weeks to show the effects of the treatment as the fat cells crystallize and break down. The damaged fat cells release lipids into the lymphatic system where these are either converted by the liver into blood sugar (reducing cravings and overall appetite) or removed from the body through normal metabolism.

Pricing, that is a Blog for another day.....

I hope you enjoyed, Blessings....

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