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Hear From Our Guests

At Cryo Body ReVive our goal is for everyone who blesses us with their presence to have an Amazing experience. and feel great during and after their session.

Just wanted to say how awesome my first experience was at Cryo Body ReVive. Kristin was incredibly helpful, informative, professional, and friendly. On my first appointment I had my shoulder worked on. I walked in with pain and left feeling amazingly better! With her magic wand, Kristin is going to work on me from head to toe!! Looking forward to my next visit! So happy I found Kristin and Cyro Body ReVive!

Boujee Girl

I visited Kristin’s new location and found it welcoming. Kristin herself is a light. Give her the opportunity to care for you. The cryo treatment was quick, easy super interesting. I had my shoulder treated as it has been locked up for several months now. In a matter of a few minutes of treatment I improved my range of motion without pain approximately 20%. The nagging tightness now on the the day following is also improved 40%. Love the ease of treatment and love Kristin. Do yourself a favor and go to Cryo Body ReVive!


Very simple and comfortable . No needles no surgery. It only took four sessions for my neck to be where I wanted it to be being more defined and smooth. I am a tall woman with a large frame. I have a high waistline. After three sessions I was already noticing that my curves were coming back into my waistline, tightening and I lost 6 lbs. My body was looking more shapely! This is simple process customized for each individual need. Kristin is a very caring and personable individual. She goes over whatever your needs may be. You never feel pressured or rushed to get a safe procedure done and feel like next in line. No machines hooked to your body, which could cause constriction and bruising possibly.


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